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So what does BSMO do?
The BSMO provides a series of functions. We provide live satellite pictures, (Meteosat and NOAA) using the British Aerospace DartCom system, print weather faxes, log weather and provide daily weather predictions for the school. We also provide weather printouts for General Studies and ‘A’ level Geography groups.

How long has BSMO been operating?
The Met Office has been operating for about six years. Since then, a series of Bournemouth School boys have all helped at the Met Office. The current BSMO team took over in September 1998. We hope to carry on in this current format until at least July 2000, and possibly longer. There is currently a long waiting list for the positions by other members of the school, such is the demand.

Did you get any pictures of Hurricane Mitch?
We got pictures of Hurricane Mitch whilst it moved over the Caribbean. We, unfortunately, were not able to track it when it was at its fiercest over Central America.

How often do you provide your weather service?
Every school day of the year; wind, rain or snow! We have a rota and take turns in using the computer which uses the satellite system. This rota also applies to the daily logs and predictions.

What do you hope to eventually do with the data collected?
Over the years, we have and continue to build up vast amounts of data. This means that GCSE and ‘A’ level project data is readily accessible to students. We hope that by modelling the data already collected, we will be able to understand and predict the weather even more accurately!

How can I contact BSMO?
You can contact us straight away... email@bsmo.co.uk.

Anything else?
You can tell we love the weather here at BSMO! And with the winter weather here, we'd like to recommend Hunter wellies which are fantastically made, great value and available in a humungous range of colours.



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