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The MOO Reports take a look at different subjects important to us today.  If there is a subject which you would like covered, then please send us an e-mail, by using the link on the left of every page.

May 2001 - Meteosat - the Eye in the Sky
The Weather Satellite, Meteosat, is very well known.  But do you know the history of it?  No?  John Dray tells you all you need to know!

April 2001 - Bush Shames the US by Abandoning the Kyoto Agreement
President Bush has provoked almost universal outrage among European leaders by his decision to abandon the Kyoto agreement on reducing greenhouse gases.

March 2001 - River Flooding
When Rivers flood, the troubles caused can be devastating.  Find out some more information.

February 2001 - Offshore Wind Farms
Wind power has been the second most successful source of renewable energy in the developed world.  Find out more here.

January 2001 - The Shanghai Summit of the IPCC
A special report detailing the IPCC Summit at Shanghai, to discuss and re-draft their predictions and guidelines for Global Warming over the next 100 years.

December 2000 - Predicting Changes in the Environment
A report detailing how scientists are using the sea of Japan to predict changes in the global environment.

November 2000 - Hell and High Water
A special report on the flooding in England this month.

October 2000 - The Effect of a Severe Depression on the British Isles
Feeling depressed?  Read this to find out about depression in weather!

September 2000 - Are Climate Changes the result of human or natural factors?
Focus on the 'Greenhouse effect' and Solar Variations

August 2000 - Volcanoes and Weather
Volcanoes and weather - learn from John Dray

July 2000 - Weather at War II
Weather affects war in different ways.  See our second "War Report".

June 2000 - Buildings - Comfort and Performance
Ever wondered why houses are built differently in other countries?  Find out here!

May 2000 - Weather on the Web
Where are the best sites (apart from MOO) for the weather?

April 2000 - Ocean Currents
What are ocean currents?  Find out here in our report by John Dray

March 2000 - Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!
All about snow

February 2000 - Weather at War
Why does weather affect war?  And how could it have changed history?

January 2000 - Build Your Own Weather Station
MOO tells you what you need to produce your own weather forecasts

December 2000 - Why does it always rain on me?
A good question.  Find out why... and it's animal mad!

November 1999 - Weather in Sport
MOO investigates the link between weather and sport

October 1999 - Climate Change
Why the world's climate is changing... important reading.

September 1999 - DIY Weather Forecasting
Find out how you can predict the weather by using weather folklore.

August 1999 - Wear Sunscreen...
This report looks at how to protect yourself from the summer Sun.

July 1999 - Who's Afraid Of Global Warming?
Will global warming affect us in the way that the scaremongers predict? Read and decide for yourself.

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