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Who's afraid of Global Warming?  MOO investigates...

Despite intense media coverage it seems that we're not actually worried about global warming!

The results of the BS Met Office Web-Poll are in and it seems that despite world summits, rising fuel tax and extensive media reports on the subject it seems that global warming does not worry us as much as one may think. Perhaps it is promises from experts of a Mediterranean climate in Britain that have made us not worry about flooding and freak weather conditions. In fact, if global warming does exist unfortunately Britain would only become colder! This is because global warming would change the direction that the North Atlantic Drift (Gulf Stream) brings warm air towards Europe. With this moved, then the climate would be more like that of Newfoundland which surprisingly is at the same latitude as Britain! If you don't believe me, then just look at a map.

Another reason that so many of us are not worried about Global Warming is that we only receive an extra storm from time to time at present. Perhaps if we were living in the Maldives or in Bangladesh we would be thinking differently. In Bangladesh there has been major flooding and many peoples homes and possessions have been lost. The Maldives, which at their highest point are only a few metres above the ground are threatened by submersion.

In the future, Global Warming may or may not cause the worldwide disaster many have been predicting. However, if there is the possibility it is probably best to be safe rather than sorry.



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