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Since MOO was set up over a year ago, we have received many weather related requests and questions. Unfortunately, our data and facilities mean we don't have the answers to all of your questions. Nevertheless, there are several sites on the web that might be able to help whether you want to know if it will be sunny on your holiday or if you are doing a project.

Step 1: Try Moo

There is loads of information on this site. If you want a satellite map or weather chart follow the link on the homepage. If need information for a project try the Beginners' guides or the Moo Report Archive.

Step 2: Weather in the British Isles

If you want UK weather try the UK Met Office at The site does not have many stats, but there are some handy graphs and monthly figures.

Irish weather can be investigated by looking at or Scottish for weather

Extreme weather events in the British Isles (like high and low temperatures) can be found at the Tornado Research Orginisation at

Step 3: Weather Around the Globe

There are several good sites where you can check a world cities weather at the click of a mouse button. Good sites include Yahoo! Weather at and Weather Underground at

For general climate info can be found at

World climatological diagrams can be found at

Step 4: Project Information

If you could not find anything relevant in the Moo Reports or Beginners' Guides try the University of Llionis at It has a number of online guides rather like the Moo Beginners' guides but in more detail. For Projects this must be the best site on the web!

Finally, let us know if you find any other great sites to add.



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